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Okay, you’re a parent/guardian and your child may want to play in college. There are multiple levels of Collegiate Athletics and each has specific rules and eligibility requirements in order to even be permitted to play.  This page is meant to walk parents/guardians and students through the process if you are interested in playing.


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Read: Ultimate Guide for the College-Bound Athlete from the NCAA (pdf)

NCAA Covid-19 response for 2020-2021 as of July 2020

NCAA Eligibility Waivers for 2021-2022 students (released August 2020)


There are MULTIPLE levels for college Athletic participation.  Each level, has it’s own specific set of rules

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NCAA D3            


Junior College

NOTE: NCAA D3 (DIII) is the largest program in all of the college sports


FREE Recruitment:  Field Level-

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Revisions to NCAA Eligibility as of May 2020 due to Covid-19 

OFFICIAL NCAA Eligibility Brochure

*****FREE ONLINE COURSE ON NCAA ELIGIBILITY****** created by the National Federation of High Schools

NCAA Test Scores needed

NCAA D1 “rules of eligibility as of 1/19/2018)

NCAA D2 “rules of eligibility” as of 2018

NCAA D3 rules of eligibility:   Division III schools are responsible for setting their own academic eligibility rules.   If you are going to be competing for a DIII institution, or if you are unsure what division level you’ll be competing at, you can start with a free NCAA Profile page.  If you do decide to pursue a DI or DII program, you can always transition to a Certification Account later.


NCAA FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

COVID-19 eligibility revisions posted spring 2020 for D1 and D2


CREATE AN OFFICIAL NCAA PROFILE (D1, D2 and D3): (free of charge and all student-athletes interested in playing for college need to do it.
they may do it at any time but must do it by end of Junior year.)

OFFICIAL eligibility account for D1 and D2 athletes  (DIII do not need to fill out this section)

OFFICIAL NAIA eligibility account 

Junior Colleges require you contact the school directly but here is an FAQ